Intro to Notezilla.Net

Notezilla.Net is a simple web-app designed to access all your sticky notes created using Notezilla (Sticky notes app for Windows).

We already have separate apps for Android & iPhone/iPad. If you are having an Android or iPhone/iPad device, then we recommend that you use these apps (from Play Store or App Store) instead of this web-app.

This web-app is available to you so that you can access your notes from Windows Phone, Mac, Blackberry etc. It is compatible with any modern Internet Browser.

The notes created/modified using the web-app are synced back to your Windows PC using Notezilla (Sticky notes app for Windows). The Windows app lets you stick 3M Post-It® like digital notes on desktop, programs, websites, folders or documents. Other feature includes reminders, tags, sending notes to contacts, syncing, skins etc. More about Notezilla (Sticky notes app for Windows).


  • Notezilla.Net App-icon
    Notezilla.Net App-icon
  • Notes List
    Notes List
  • Edit Note
    Edit Note
  • Note Tags
    Note Tags
  • Folders
  • Set Due Date/Reminder
    Set Due Date/Reminder
  • Filter & Search Notes
    Filter & Search Notes
  • Send Note to Contacts
    Send Note to Contacts

Supported environments

Notezilla.Net web-app can be accessed using the website from any modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera on a touch-based device such as iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone, Tablets, a Windows Desktop/Laptop or a Mac.

Note:To access Notezilla.Net each time, you do not have to manually launch your phone browser & type You can create an app icon on your phone homescreen that will directly take you to your notes in Notezilla.Net.

Also, your browser will remember that you are already signed-in (if you choose to), so you do not have to type your Notezilla.Net username & password each time you visit Notezilla.Net.

Signing-up & Pricing

You can create a Notezilla.Net account from our Windows app, Android app or the iPhone/iPad app. These apps will sync your sticky notes with the Notezilla.Net cloud account. This will let you access your sticky notes where ever you are, from any device such as iPhone/iPad/Android or Windows Phone. The Notezilla.Net cloud is also used when sending notes to your contacts anywhere across the globe.

For pricing, visit this page

Security & Legal


Notezilla.Net uses the robust Windows Azure cloud platform for all its cloud services. Read more about Windows Azure security. Notezilla.Net automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

Read Notezilla.Net terms of service & privacy policy.

Why a web-app?

We already have separate apps for Android & iPhone/iPad. You can download these apps from Play Store or App Store.

This web-app is available to you so that you can access your sticky notes from Windows Phone, Mac or from any computer while on move, since all that is required is an Internet Browser to access your sticky notes.

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